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MuVIM’s Library is composed of the union of four bibliographic collections: one purchased to compose the founding core of the library, others joined as a result of the moving of the Biblioteca General de la Diputació (provincial government’s library), as Alfons Roig collection and the former IVEI Library. Lambert Family’s Library was added five years ago.

1. The Foundation Collection is composed of historical editions of Enlighted thinking works, revolutionary wave works, French Revolution and Napoleonic wars and expansion all over Europe. It also includes books by liberal and reactionary thinkers of the first half of the nineteenth century. One of its most interesting items is a facsimile edition of the first Encyclopédie by Diderot and D’Alambert (supplements and indexes included).

2. The Biblioteca General de la Diputació: composed of editions published by the Provincial Corporation and the Alfons el Magnànim Institution as well as works purchased over the years to compose the Diputació de València Library. It contains a valuable collection of books on Valencian topics (history, society, culture) published in the first half of the twentieth century, as well as a collection composed of works printed between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries and engravings showing Valencian villages views. The collection is completed by interesting cartographic materials from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

3. Alfons Roig Collection is the Priest Alfons Roig Izquierdo’s Library. Priest Alfons Roig (1903-1987) gave his collection to Diputació de València in 1985. He gathered a wide assortment of titles on philosophy, theology, liturgy, and essay but mostly on Modern Art: reference manuals, exhibition catalogues, etc. There is also a great number of fleeting materials: exhibition posters, leaflets, brochures, printed both in Spain and France as well as in other European countries during the second half of the twentieth century.

4. The Valencian Institution of Studies and Research (IVEI) Library: This institution was created in the 1980s and integrated the Alfons el Magnànim Institution. This library compiles works on political, social and cultural thinking which stood out in the international stage during IVEI operating period. Furthermore it includes an interesting newspaper library and an image archive used to illustrate Debats magazine.

5. Lambert Family’s Library: is a library with books gathered by André-Louis Lambert-Perrer (1851-1929), a Swiss architect and his son André Lambert Jordan (1884-1967), painter and graphical artist. The Lamberts settled in Xàbia around 1920. As for the collection subjects, we can mainly find Classical literature and European history works as well as reference manuals on engraving history and technique, Art and Architecture history. Moreover we can find a valuable collection of graphical materials including calcographic (on copper plates) and woodcut engravings, lithographies, pictures, etc.

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