Any other questions?

Can I ask the Library to buy a book?
Library users can fill a request form asking the library to buy a book. The Library will consider every suggestion to check if the book fits its acquisition policy.

Can I scan or take pictures of the documents in the Library?
Yes, users can scan and take pictures of documents according to which is stated by the Spanish Copyright Law (Ley de Propiedad Intelectual) and as far as the state of conservation allows it.

Can I find in the Library catalogues of ongoing temporary exhibitions?
The Library includes in its collections catalogues of every exhibition organized by the Museum. Furthermore, in the library showcase you will find other leaflets and brochures about exhibitions and ongoing or upcoming events held by the museum.

What it is the procedure for requesting the documents I want consult?
Documents in the study room can be freely taken by users, for the rest you have to address the librarians.

How can I find a book?
Searching the Library online catalogue you can find on our website. In the reading room there is a computer where you can consult the catalogue. In case of any doubt you can address the Library staff.

Which personal items can I take into the library?
You can take your laptop but we advise to leave personal effects in the cloakrooms at the entrance of the library. If you want to use the study room you can take your books and notes.

Can I have access to the Internet in the Library?
The Library provides free WiFi access for its users.

On Mondays the MuVIM is closed, is the Library opened?
The Library opens on Mondays. This day users should access from the staff entrance door (next to the entrance to the Museum on Quevedo Street)

Are visits to the Library permitted?
The Library is intended for study and research, thus free visits are not allowed. Group visits must be booked on advance and will be out of opening times. Pictures of facilities can be taken only upon Museum previous permission.

Do I need An ID card to use the Library?
It is no needed for the use of the Library as study room but you need it for loans. You can get a Library pass in the same Library, just providing an ID card copy and a photo card.

Is personal book lending available?
You can borrow up to three books if you have the Library pass and you fill a loan form. The loan period is of two weeks and renewable. You can renew your loan via the online catalogue (OPAC), phone or e-mail. Reference books, magazines and historical archives are not available for loan/ out of loan.

Is inter-library loan service available?
The Library deals with loans of books from libraries out of the city of Valencia. Those books must be consulted on the study room and cannot be borrowed. Expenditure required for these loans will be charged to the user.

Who can use the Library?
The MuVIM’S Library and Documentation Centre are intended for adult users interested in the study of our collections. The access is free (libre y gratuito).

Does the opening times change over the year?
Yes, on summer (July and August), Falles (local festivity) and Christmas there is a reduction of opening times which varies from half an hour to a full hour.


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